It improves your life!

It is ideal for apartments, private houses, offices, shops, industrial enterprises and factories, commercial organizations and utilities, construction and security organizations, shopping and business centers, service stations and car washing stations, parking lots and car parks, banks, hotels and restaurants.

OMO works with devices, sensors and video cameras that you already have!

The system connects more than 20 000 devices of different manufacturers and brands in one application.

Comfort, economy and safety in one click!

Manage comfort and security from your smartphone anywhere in the world: room security and video surveillance systems, heating and lighting, fire safety and engineering systems, opening doors, barriers or gates, intercom and many others.

Smart area system

Personal assistant that allows you to remotely control the devices of comfort and safety of living or working space with the help of a mobile application.

Make your life easier by adding smart devices and setting up a convenient script for their automatic action.

Company advantages

An open ecosystem

Think at least for a moment how much you would be interested to subordinate all systems of living or working space to the centralized control: water supply, lighting, heating, security system, surveillance, access to the premises and so on. Such a possibility exists this is OMO. Now you can connect and manage devices from different manufacturers using the same mobile application even abroad. It is convenient and it saves your time. OMO relieves a person of concern about the safety of housing or working space, allows to be calm and confident.

Pay utility bills through the app and keep the accounts, place the premises under security, get a notification in the case of burglary, gas leakage, fire or flood. See who rings the door, block water and gas, remotely turn on-turn off the lights and electrical appliances, receive notifications about opening or closing doors and windows, and in case of damage to the window the vibration sensor will work. OMO will do this and more. The high-tech OMO system allows to expand the scenarios of using devices according to your needs.


Security, access, control, climate and lighting control, utilities, smart video surveillance and much more – all these functions are united in one mobile application. Control thousands of objects from your smartphone.


Simple and intuitive interface that organizes more than 20,000 devices, sensors and instruments into a single control system. Distribute access to selected devices to an unlimited number of users, at your discretion.

Easy start

It is enough to install the OMO mobile application on your smartphone and you are already in the system. Add sensors, devices, cameras as easily as possible and manage your space anywhere in the world.

Manage your space

OMO app

Open doors, gates or barriers, send and receive guest keys using the OMO mobile app.


OMO will inform you on what is happening in your living or working space and will automatically respond to the alarm.

Video surveillance

Install smart cameras and watch what is happening in your house, office or enterprise in real time.


Control lighting and indoor climate with the OMO app.


Control and pay for utilities from your smartphone.

Comfort control

Now you can adjust the room temperature, control the lighting, automatically open or close windows with the mobile app, and the climate sensor will report the temperature and humidity.

Various scenarios of the sensors allow you to automatically, depending on the time of day or your desires, create the desired option of lighting, heating or ventilation in your room, to save heat and electricity, to ensure a healthy sleep and comfortable conditions. OMO adapts to the rhythm of life and interacts with you as you like.

OMO. Comfort in one click!


It allows you to be aware of any intrusions into your premises. If intruders try to enter the room through doors or windows, you will be instantly notified about it and you will be able to take action in time.

OMO will report the fire in the room and start a fire alarm, and in the case of flooding or gas leaks it will automatically turn off the water and close the gas pipeline.

OMO. Guarantee of your calm!

Smart video surveillance

Watch what is happening from your smartphone, wherever you are. In addition to recording HD video with sound and night mode, there is a function of face recognition and registration of car numbers with the entry into the database.

You do not have to be distracted by the constant monitoring, video surveillance system OMO itself will record the video signal with the movement and will display it on your smartphone.

The OMO system can be connected to already installed video cameras, eliminating the problem of buying additional equipment.

OMO. Always in sight!

Mobile key

Keys to all doors – in your smartphone. It makes it possible not only to get into the room in one click or open the door remotely, but also to learn about their opening at a distance.

Now you do not need to transfer the keys personally, worry about their loss or keep a log.

When inviting friends, relatives or other visitors, use the function of sending the guest key by setting its parameters. Manage your keys and have the keys of the other users of OMO.

For large areas, the control over gates or barriers is a good addition.

OMO. Keys in your smartphone!


The system developed by us allows you to automatically take readings from the meters and on the basis of these data to generate bills for payment of utilities.

Pay and control utilities in a couple of clicks on your smartphone.

OMO. Makes life more convenient!

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