Manage your lighting from your phone, set the necessary parameters and the working scenarios.

Save up to 30% on your electricity bills using motion sensors or automatic lighting modes.

  • 1

    Control all your lighting and separate lighting units from your phone wherever you are.

    No need to manually turn the lights on and off at the premises or at the adjacent territory. Save your time and make your life easier.

  • 2

    Set up your own scenarios
    based on your needs and requirements. You can set different scenarios based on the time of the day and choose your own lighting mode in specific rooms or across the whole premises.

    Combine your lighting units with security sensors (e.g., lights can turn on when triggered by a motion sensor, a door or a window opening sensor, vibration sensor, etc.).

  • 3

    the light level and its temperature (warm/cold).

  • 4

    Save up to 30% on your electricity bills 
    by using motion sensors and setting up the optimal lighting mode. The system can detect if a person is around and turn the lights on/off by itself, thus saving electricity and extending the bulb life span.

    Can be installed in a hall, a bathroom, a storage, a basement, a lobby, a utility room, a garage, an engineering room, on the premises, on a porch, etc.

  • 5

    You can connect OMO to your existing lighting units.

  • 6

    Let as many of your family members or employees as you want manage the lighting.

Why is OMO smart lighting helpful and great?

  • Manual or automatic (based on scenarios) control over the lighting – turning the lights, lamps, spotlights, lanterns, etc. on and off. All units work in the best suitable energy consumption mode and turn themselves off whenever there is no need in lighting.
  • No need to wonder if you have turned the lights off or not. OMO app will tell you the status. Turn the lights on and off in one click in any room you need, wherever you are.
  • Dimmed light will help your kids fall asleep without being scared of the dark. Safety lights will guide your movements at night without waking your family up. Gradual lighting will both make you feel more comfortable and extend the bulb life span.
  • Your home will be much safer if lights are turned on at a particular time while you are away.
  • With OMO, lighting is more than just a feature, it is now your trusted assistant making your home a better place.

OMO. Smart lighting system!