Система умного видеонаблюдения


Watch videos on your phone, store them in an archive, receive notifications, set up scenarios.
Open a door by face recognition or let a car to the parking by the car registration plate recognition.
  • 1

    Keep track of what is happening at home or at the office from your phone, wherever you are. 24/7 access to cameras from all over the world.

  • 2

    Combine all cameras into a single surveillance system. Integrate with cameras from different manufacturers and brands.

    OMO can connect to your existing cameras so that you don’t have to buy new ones.

  • 3

    Video archive.
    Watch CCTV footage on your smartphone in real time or as a recording. Videos are stored in an archive for up to 3 days, and you can extend this term for an unlimited period of time and protect videos from being erased.

  • 4

    Video ID.
    Face and car registration plate recognition function integrated with your access system.

    Open the doors, gates and parking barriers by face or car registration plate recognition (a fully automated checkpoint and access system with no human intervention).

  • 5

    Set up your own scenarios of collaboration between cameras and smart detectors or devices.

    You don’t have to be distracted by ongoing surveillance. OMO analyzes the camera footage on its own whenever one of the detectors sets an alarm and will send you an instant notification on your phone featuring a video log of the event.

  • 6

    Receive notifications on your phone and email with the event description.

  • 7

    Video analytics.
    Process camera data, keep statistics and analyze it.

  • 8

    Provide/ revoke access to video cameras to as many people as you’d like to.

What other things make OMO easy and convenient?

  • Keep a footage of everything happening around and inside your home or office. Protect your belongings against burglaries. Video surveillance is one of the most effective guard methods. Simply having a CCTV camera installed scares trespassers away and make them switch to something else.
  • Having OMO video surveillance in multi-dwelling houses lets tenants have access to shared cameras at the entrance halls, stairs, parking or playgrounds.
Система умного видеонаблюдения
Система умного видеонаблюдения
  • Make your housekeepers, cleaning and service personnel more efficient. Track the quality of they work, keep an eye on everything they do, reduce the risk of a long-term cooperation with poor-performing staff, do not worry about your personal belongings.If you have a babysitter coming over, you can track his/her work. For the babysitter to fully comply with your expectations, be nice to your child, occupy him/her, feed the kid on time, etc.
  • Do you want to keep track of your kid, family members and visitors while you are at work? No problem! Be in control of whether they are at home or not, what they are doing, when they leave and who accompanies them. If someone in your family is disabled and you have hired a nurse. OMO video surveillance is perfect for you to learn how well they can handle their duties so that you don’t have to worry any longer.
Система умного видеонаблюдения

Set up your own scenarios based on your needs and goals.

1. Video camera – security detectors.

Activating a camera and sending a notification with a video log to your phone in case of:

  • any motion in a set area;
  • a door or a window being open;
  • a vibration;
  • a water leak or flooding, smoke or a gas leak.

2. Video camera – access system.

Opening doors, gates or parking barriers upon face or car registration plate recognition.
You can log data into a single database, including the entry/ check out date and time (for a car or a person).

OMO. Always within eyeshot!