Questions and answers:

OMO is a new generation of mobile apps combining devices, detector and video cameras of different brands into a single management ecosystem.
OMO lets you set up device operation scenarios based on your needs and manage those scenarios from your smartphone.

OMO makes your life easier, helps you worry less, makes you feel more comfortable, protects your belongings from being stolen, destroyed by a flood or a fire, saves you time and money.

You can jointly manage devices wherever you are.
The system easily adjusts to your needs and conditions.
A perfect solution for a private house or for a business, as well as for large construction or manufacturing companies, plants and power stations.

The OMO helps you quickly deploy a cost-effective smart space in your apartment, house, office or manufacturing facilities.
The mobile OMO assistant is designed to become an integral part of every person’s life.
Set up your smart home or office quickly, easily and within your budget.
Manage all your systems from your smartphone.

Receive alarm or accident notifications.
Set up device operation scenarios.
Save up to 35% on your utility bills.
OMO. Making any space smart.

Simply install the OMO mobile app on your smartphone, and you’re in.

Add detectors, devices, cameras and manage them from anywhere in the world.

All your devices can work together following your rules. Set up any cooperation scenario suitable for you, and the system will work the way you like.

The most comprehensive smart home system at an affordable price!
You can open doors, provide guest keys remotely, manage the heating and lighting, track what is happening when you are away, activate security mode, protect your place from flooding or fire.

Open and close windows remotely, manage blinds and shutters, track the air temperature and humidity, track the meter readings, control electric appliances.
All of these are in one mobile app.

  1. Quick start.
    Simply install the free OMO mobile app on your smartphone – and you are in.
    You don’t have to buy any set of detectors and install a central controller (HUB) at your place. It saves you money and eradicates any efforts related to setup and maintenance.
    You can start using the service with no detectors at all, for example, with your intercom only, and then you can add detectors depending on your needs and budget.
    No need to overpay for costly equipment and controllers.
  2. Cost efficiency.
    Save up to 35% on your utility bills by managing heating and lighting. OMO cuts your expenses related to equipment, personnel and transport while also saving your time.
  3. Extra easy to install and manage.
    All the system needs to operate is an Internet connection. No need to do any repairs and lay cable. 95% of all OMO devices are wireless and can be connected in 5 minutes.
  4. 3rd party devices connection.
    Works with detectors, video cameras and devices from different manufacturers uniting them into a single management system.
  5. Phone notifications.
    Sends instant notifications at first signs of an intrusion, flooding, fire or gas leak, no matter where you are. The system will send you a push notification, a text message or gives you a call within 3 seconds. Look through the event log in the notifications tab.
  6. Freedom of choice.
    OMO does not force you to buy any specific equipment (detectors, devices and video cameras). You can buy those on your own, connect the ones you already have or buy some from us at an attractive price.
    You can choose your own devices depending on their price, features and appearance.
    Set up your smart space without extra costs and repairs.
  7. Easy to control and manage.
    Control all your objects from a smartphone. It is incredibly easy to add detectors, devices, video cameras and manage them wherever you are.
  8. Adjusts to your life style.
    All devices will work together based on your needs. Set up your own device cooperation scenario, and the system will work the way you like.
  9. Comprehensive.
    The OMO system can be extended all the time by building new scenarios of cooperation between devices and adding new detectors.
    The system easily adjusts to your household and business needs covering all your requirements.
  10. Unlimited usage.
    OMO lets you control and manage objects both individually and as a team. You can provide and recall access to as many people as you need.
  11. Innovative, modern and nicely designed.
    Technologies combined with the functional needs of a human. Nice and compact devices can fit into any interior and provide a lot of opportunities in terms of convenience, comfort and safety.
  12. Top-notch range of service.
    The MESH system lets you connect devices located up to 4,000 meters away from each other.
  13. Data transfer speed and efficient power consumption.
    Alarm notification can be transmitted within 0.15 seconds. A battery in a wireless detector can run for up to 7 year.
  14. Highly reliable and safe.
    Personal data are encrypted following the highest international safety standards AES.
    Thanks to being self-organized, the Mesh system is protected against blackouts and cyberattacks.
    The system re-adjusts in case there is an attempt of jamming, deactivating a detector or radio background noise, thus catering for regular service.
  15. Future capabilities will be built around artificial intelligence. The system will detect the user’s needs on its own and adjust to your life style.
  16. It takes less than 20 minutes to set up all smart house system.
    The majority of detectors can be connected within up to 5 minutes.

All you need for the system to work is a smartphone with an Internet connection over wi-fi, 3G/4G and OMO equipment installed at your home.

You can install the devices on your own. The installation and the setup are easy and intuitive. Anyone can connect to the system using the manuals coming with each device. To do that, you need to have OMO installed at your home.

You can also request free advice by calling our support team at
+38 073 401 01 10 or by sending an email to

If you don’t have OMO installed at your home, you can submit an installation request – click on the ‘Settings’ in the application and choose ‘Support’, then indicate your contact details, name and the address for installation.

To add devices via the app, please review the guide available at:

If you can’t connect to the system, please call our support team:
+38 073 401 01 10 or by sending an email to

You can provide/recall access to selected devices to as many people as you’d like.

The majority of detectors are ready to user out of the box: the settings are standard, batteries are in place.

  1. Select ‘Devices’ on the home screen.
  2. Tap ‘+’.
  3. Select the necessary address.
  4. Tap ‘Next’.
  5. Searching for the device.
  6. In the meantime, turn the device on by holding the button until a blue light indicator is on.
  7. Once the detector is found, it will be shown on the screen.
  8. Select the detector to rename it.
  9. Tap ‘Ready’.
  10. Receive a notification that the detector has been added.
  11. Congratulations, the device has been added!
  12. You can also ask for help by calling +38 073 401 01 10 or sending an email to
  1. Select ‘Cameras’ on the home screen.
  2. Tap ‘+’.
  3. Select the Manufacturer.
  4. Enter the camera login.
  5. Enter the camera password.
  6. Enter the camera IP address.
  7. Enter the camera port.
  8. Tap ‘Ready’.
  9. Receive a notification that the camera has been added.
  10. Congratulations, the camera has been added!
  11. The camera you have added will be shown on the ‘Camera’ section.
  12. You can also ask for help by calling +38 073 401 01 10 or sending an email to
  1. Go to the OMO app.
  2. Tap ‘Forgot password’.
  3. Select your country and enter the phone number of the account you need to access. Tap ‘Continue’.
  4. Enter the code you receive by a text message.
  5. Re-enter the new password in applicable fields and tap ‘Send’.

You can see the parameters at the main screen of the app.

The MESH system lets you connect devices located up to 4,000 meters away from each other in an open space.

A battery in a smart detector can run for up to 7 year.

You can check the battery power condition in the ‘Devices’ section of the app.

In case of an accident or an intrusion, you will receive a notification on your phone, following which you can contact a respective emergency service.

You can provide keys and device access to your family members, neighbors or friends who will also receive alarm notifications and can quickly check what is going on when you are away.