Improves your life!

A perfect option for apartments, detached houses, offices, shops, manufacturing companies and plants, commercial and utilities companies, construction and security organizations, malls and business centers, repair shops, car washes, parking lots, banks, and HoReCa.

OMO is compatible with the devices, detectors and video cameras that you already have!

The system unites over 20,000 devices from different manufacturers and brands into one application.

Comfort, savings and safety in one click!

Manage your comfort and safety from your smartphone wherever you are: handle your premises guard and video surveillance systems, heating and lighting, fire safety and engineering systems, door, auto barrier or gate opening, intercom and many more.

Smart area system - improves your life!

A personal assistant that lets you remotely manage your comfort and safety devices from a mobile application.
Make your life easier by adding smart devices and setting up automatic scenarios that work for you.


ОМО is a mobile assistant that lets you remotely control and manage comfort, access and safety devices from your smartphone, wherever you are.

Devices, detectors video cameras from different brands in one OMO mobile app (control, management, scenario set up).

OMO mobile app:
  • — Opens doors, windows, gates and auto barriers.
  • — Makes video surveillance smart.
  • — Protects from burglars (keeps your belongings safe).
  • — Stops flooding or gas leaks.
  • — Manages the lighting, blinds and curtains.
  • — Manages the heating.
  • — Prevents fires.
  • — Controls electric devices.

Smart key

Open the doors, gates or auto barriers:
— from a mobile app;
— by placing your smartphone over (NFC);
— by face or car plate recognition.


Smart home

Protection against burglaries, flooding or fires.
Temperature, lighting, electric devices management, setting up scenarios and many more on your smartphone.


Smart video surveillance

Watch your camera footage on your smartphone both in the real-time and as a recording, an archive is stored for 72 hours, ‘split the payment’ option, a video file can be sliced and sent when a detector is triggered, quick event search, scheduled video recording.


The mobile assistant of the 21st century

OMO makes your life easier, gives you extra comfort, protects your belongings, minimizes the risk of accidents and the consequences of any human errors, saves your time and money.

OMO is a perfect solution for:

  • Flats and houses
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Utility services
  • Development companies
  • Security companies
  • Malls and business centers
  • Logistics centers
  • Car repair shops and car washes
  • Parkings

Manage the space you work and live in


Open your doors, gates or auto barriers, send and receive guest keys, control the access using the OMO mobile app.


Put the premises into the guard mode in one click.
OMO will let you know what is going on at your home or office and will respond to an emergency automatically.
Set up common scenarios with compatible smart sensors, alarm systems, cameras, and detectors.

Video surveillance

Combine all your cameras into a single control system on your phone. Watch video from your cameras on your smartphone both in the real-time and as a recording. OMO video surveillance enables face and car plate recognition. Set up common scenarios for cameras and smart detectors to work together.


Manage lighting and climate control in the premises from your smartphone. Save up to 35% on your utility bills.


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Start using the mobile key to open the hallway door

Mobile key and video access

The last-generation access system.
Keys to all doors, gates and auto barriers on your smartphone.
Lets you get into the premises in one click or open the door remotely as well as learn about a door opening, regardless of where you are right now.

You no longer need to hand over the keys personally, worry about losing them or keep a record of issued keys. When inviting your friends, relatives or other visitors over, using the guest key feature and set its own parameters.

Manage your keys and receive them from other OMO users. Open the door by face recognition or the auto barrier by car plate recognition. Keep a log of all visitors and cars entering your premises.

OMO. Keys on your smartphone!

Smart video surveillance

Use your smartphone to keep track of what’s happening, regardless of where you are, in the real-time or as a recording. You don’t have to be distracted by constant tracking, the OMO video surveillance will record the video signal with the motion and send it to your phone.

OMO can connect to the pre-installed video cameras, which resolves the problem of buying extra equipment.

OMO. Always within sight!

Wireless guard system

Protects your flat, house, warehouse, office or other premises from burglaries and flooding. Turn on the guard mode in one tap on your phone. Get instant notifications in case of an intrusion or a flooding, even if you are abroad.

OMO lets you be abreast of any intrusions to your premises, and it can detect a pipe burst, a leak in the dishwasher or in the washing machine.

OMO. Protecting your belongings!

Anti-flooding system

Protects your flat, house, basement, warehouse or other premises against flooding. Will be the first one to detect water, send you an instant notification and shut the water off.

Don’t worry about flooding damaging your premises or causing damage to your neighbors.

OMO. No flooding!

Smart lighting and climate control

Manage the inside temperature, control the lighting, open or close windows in our mobile app.

By setting up automatic scenarios for detectors depending on the time of the day or your preferences, you can set your own lighting, heating or airing mode, save heat and electric power, cater for good night sleep and comfort. OMO adapts to your lifestyle and interacts with you the way you want.

OMO. Comfort in one click!

Fire safety

OMO will let you know if there is a fire in the premises, and if there is a gas leak, it will shut the gas pipeline off.

OMO. Putting your mind at ease

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