Last-generation access system.
Open your entrance hall, door, auto barrier and gates from your phone.
Only 5 UAN per month!
  • Keys to your entrance hall, gates, lobby, engineering rooms and auto barrier on your smartphone.
  • The most up-to-date mobile intercom system of the 21st century. Unlock the door by tapping on an app, bringing your phone closer, by voice or by a phone call. Get into the hall in one tap or open the door remotely even if you are away on holiday or in a different part of the city.
  • Distribute your mobile key to family members, relatives, friends or home staff from your smartphone. You can provide or revoke your key in one click.

The access management system can be installed at any facilities.

This includes but is not limited to: a private property, an office, a company building, a parking, a warehouse, an administrative or an engineering building.


  • Convenient. All keys are on your smartphone. All you need to do is to download our free mobile app, sign up in 2 minutes, and book a free installation.
  • Easy to manage. Open your entrance hall, auto barrier, lobby, office, engineering room or warehouse in one click.
  • Easy to install. Can be installed at any door, gate and auto barrier.
  • Multi-access. Provide permanent or temporary access to your family, guests or employees. The number of keys is unlimited. Revoke keys whenever necessary or provide access for one day only.
  • Remote opening. Open the doors even if you are abroad.
  • Opening by phone. The system lets you open the door by giving a phone call in case there is no Internet connection or you are out of mobile data.
  • Opening the door by voice or bringing your phone to the lock.
  • Enhanced safety. The system tracks key distribution, door openings and stores the owner data. Only the admin in charge can provide key access and track any further openings.
  • Saving your time, travel and concierge expenses.
  • Cost-effective. 5 times cheaper than an intercom. 15 times more cost-effective than buying and cutting keys.

What is so helpful and convenient about the OMO mobile key?

  • Forget the hassle. No need to carry around a bunch of keys, handle them over in-person or worrying that you might lose, break or leave them somewhere. No need to keep a concierge and to handle a key log.
  • Gives you an opportunity to get inside in one click or open the door remotely, as well as be the first one to know if the door was open. It will help you control your employees, home or maintenance staff or find out when your kid is back home.
  • When having friends, family or visitors open, make use of the guest key feature and set up its parameters on your own.
  • With OMO, you can control the number of doors available to your family members, friends, home or maintenance staff, a new employee or the technical staff. The app admin handles all keys from a smartphone and can distribute/revoke the keys in a couple of clicks.Manage your keys and receive ones from other OMO users.
  • The OMO mobile key installed at remote objects makes it easier to manage those facilities and doesn’t require any on-site presence to open the premises. You can leave on a business trip, on a holiday or simply be elsewhere, and should there be a need, you can provide access quickly without handing the keys over.