Manage the temperature at your apartment, house or office from your phone.

Set up automatic heating and airing modes for each room separately.

Save up to 40% on your heating bills by setting up the most suitable heating mode.

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    OMO lets you manage all your heating system and separate heating devices from your phone, wherever you are.

    Remote window opening and closing lets you control even the most hard-to-handle structures.

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    Save heat
    by using the most suitable heating mode based on your needs, time of the year, time of the day and climate.

    OMO helps you cut your utility bills by up to 40%. Reduce the temperature in the room whenever you need to.

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    Set up your own scenarios
    of heating and airing based on your needs and requirements.

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    Remote control
    and analysis for the indoor climate.

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    Let as many of your family members or employees as you want manage the climate control.

климат контроль в квартире ОМО

Why is OMO climate control helpful and great?

  • Manual or automatic (based on scenarios) control over the heating equipment – turning the radiators, underfloor heating, boiler, etc. on and off.
  • Windows can be opened and closed remotely in one click, and you can set up your own room airing scenarios.
  • Independent thermal regulation for separate rooms and residential objects from your phone – take care of your study, storage room, nursery, kitchen, bedroom, garage, office, country house, etc.
You can set individual temperature at each room to cater for the highest possible comfort and to save heat.

Decrease the temperature in a room when there is no one in it (when you are at work, away shopping, visiting friends, away on a holiday or on a business trip).

When you are away, the heating will work in a saving mode consuming as little energy as possible. By the time you are back, it will make the temperature suitable and comfortable for you.

максимальный комфорт

Set up your own automated heat saving and airing modes following your daily routine – sleep, waking up, being at home, leaving, day mode, etc.

You can launch the heating a few hours before you come home so that the accommodation can warm up by that time.

выгодно по энергозатратам

Set up automatic airing modes depending on the outside temperature.

The heating system will adjust the temperature in the accommodation by itself whenever there is a cold snap or a heatwave outside.

OMO. Comfort in one click!