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Date of publication: 07.04.2021, 10:28

Forward to the future: OMO will make 5,000 smart multi-apartment buildings in Ukraine

OMO — the first smart home service provider in Europe announced a large-scale project. By the end of the year, the company will make 5,000 smart multi-family buildings in million-plus cities across the country.

OMO will install an innovative access system that will allow residents to open an entrance door or a barrier in a mobile application, using NFC technology or by face recognition. Users will be able to send electronic keys to guests. The peculiarity of the key is the opportunity to send by any messenger or via SMS. Furthermore, users will be able to watch the video from CCTV cameras immediately in the mobile application both in real-time and in the archive.

All services will be managed with just one OMO mobile app. Users will be able to connect other smart devices and sensors to the system that can help monitor security in the apartment. For example, water leakage sensors and smoke detectors will instantly report domestic incidents. The door opening sensor together with the motion sensor will monitor the entry into the room. 

«Automation is a global trend which increasingly gains momentum. We can no longer imagine our life without technology. The ability to manage comfort and safety in one mobile application is no longer a privilege of premium residential complexes, but a reality available to everyone. This is a step towards building an ecosystem of smart neighborhoods and cities. This is exactly how innovative and technologically advanced we see Ukraine in the future», says the co-founder of the company Grant Dayan.

How to participate in the project

Fill out a form. The collection of applications will last until June 30. Residents of the first 5,000 multi-family buildings will receive equipment installation free of charge. Residents can submit applications both individually and on behalf of condominiums or an initiative group.

History of the project

This is not the first initiative from OMO. In the fall, the company announced the launch of the «100 Smart Homes» project in the capital, received more than two thousand applications, and installed equipment in these buildings. 

«It took us less than a month to collect 2 thousand applications. This proves that people are interested in making their space more comfortable and protected. We support this idea. And this time we want to focus not only on Kyiv. Our goal is one million subscribers throughout Ukraine. We want to show that smart homes are not necessarily expensive and complex», says the co-founder and CEO of the company Vadim Sidorenko.

The installation of equipment in all houses will take about a year. The company plans to equip buildings with innovative access systems in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Dnipro. The set of equipment may differ depending on the characteristics of each particular building.

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