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Article author Sergey
Date of publication: 10.12.2020, 12:09

OMO became the first Ukrainian company in ZigBee Alliance

OMO Systems became the first Ukrainian property automation company which received the official membership in ZigBee Alliance — universal open standards foundation. 

ZigBee Alliance is an international foundation which works on development of universal open standards for the global market of IoT. ZigBee protocol is currently the one of the most popular smart device connections in the world. The Alliance is a leading industry organization since the date of establishment in 2002. More than 300 companies are active members including Fortune 500 giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, Philips, IKEA, and Samsung.

«We are proud to be part of an international organization that works for the global growth of the IoT industry. The world is changing every day, and once that seemed to be a dream now is called scientific and technological progress. We are also happy to contribute to smart home progress with our property automation technologies Our goal is to make smart home technologies more accessible for the variety of the users and membership in ZigBee Alliance is a great new step towards this goal», said Grant Dayan, co-founder OMO Systems.

The Alliance mission is to make the different types of devices and systems compatible with each other, which is well-aligned with OMO vision.

«It is important for us to be recognized by the worldwide community to follow the global trends in the industry. Membership in the Alliance will allow us to take Ukraine to a new level and show how made in Ukraine technologies can be globally used. The collaboration with other participants of the Alliance will help us to improve our product significantly», said Vadym Sydorenko, co-founder and CEO OMO Systems.

The membership allows the following: 

  • First access to new standards of smart devices;
  • Certification of new products in accordance with international standards;
  • First access to the technologies developed by the Alliance members;
  • Assistance with device testing in accordance with ZigBee standards.

Joining the Alliance will help OMO to contribute to joint efforts of other companies in market research. Amazon, Apple and Google, among other members of the Alliance are currently working on a new secure connection standard for smart home systems that are expected to be globally implemented.

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