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Article author Sergey
Date of publication: 24.12.2020, 16:32

Latest updates of OMO product

The OMO team has summed up the results of the year and is ready to tell you about the updates that were rolled out over the past months.

OMO Hardware

The OMO HUB software was updated for a more stable operation of OMO devices.

ОМО Software

Control panel OMO PRO

  • Now you can customize the dashboard and see personalized data that fits your needs.
  • A device replacement mechanism is now available: in the event, if a device stops working, is stolen, or malfunctions for any other reason, the device can be replaced in just a few clicks.
  • An NFC tag can be assigned and unassigned via a User ID. The number of anchored tags is no more than 3.
  • View surveillance camera recordings straight from the OMO PRO control panel.
  • You are now able to create invoices with the following parameters: list of devices, the date they were added or removed, information about the payer, the amount to be paid.
  • Added automated monthly charge for services.
  • If a device, hub or service fails, the system will create a task that specifies what was broken, the failure time, and who should fix it. Tickets can be managed according to the Jira principles: open, close, set a priority.


  • Facial recognition in the application was improved. Now users can add their photos faster and more conveniently.
  • Added a button that opens the door on the camera’s page. Now users can open the door and view the video from the camera at the same time.
  • There is an additional sharing opportunity. Users can share the management of devices and «houses» with existing devices with their relatives or friends.
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