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Article author Sergey
Date of publication: 21.12.2020, 15:36

Smart Building Kit

Smart Building Kit is a starter kit for creating a smart home network. The kit includes equipment to set up an OMO network at one-entrance location of a building.

What’s inside:

  • OMO Relay
  • NFC Reader

Purchase any additional sensors and devices that are compatible with the system at OMO Market.

Software platform

Access to the OMO PRO admin panel for managing services, billing and monitoring the network status.

OMO mobile application: subscribers get access to all the smart home services through OMO’s proprietary application.

Smart Building Kit Features

  • Create a smart home network at one property location with one access control point
  • One hub from the Smart Building kit can serve up to 100 apartments
  • Connect existing CCTV Cameras to the OMO System
  • Remote system management, granting and revoking access through the OMO PRO admin panel
  • Network monitoring
  • Remote control of subscriber details, tariffs and billing through the admin panel

If you want to buy Smart Building Kit or know more details, please contact us.

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