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Article author Sergey
Date of publication: 21.12.2020, 15:27

Smart Home Ecosystem OMO Franchise

OMO Franchising

OMO now offers the first Smart Home Franchise solution in Ukraine and Europe.

An OMO franchise is an affiliate program for businesses that already have a subscriber base in multi-family apartment buildings. Through OMO’s franchise program, the partner gets the opportunity to offer smart home services in apartment buildings to their existing customers without the need to invest in smart device manufacturing or expensive software development.

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OMO’s franchising model is a perfect fit for:

  • Internet providers
  • Telecom providers
  • Intercom companies
  • Residential and commercial real estate developers
  • Property management companies

What OMO provides to partners:

  • OMO Hub — the world’s first hub for a smart home system capable of supporting up to 1000 apartments simultaneously.
  • Additional equipment for setting up smart home capabilities in an apartment building:
    • Relay for access control;
    • Signal extenders for expanding the network coverage and creating a mesh network.
  • Access to OMO Pro: admin panel for network monitoring, billing and service management
  • OMO mobile app: end-users get access to all the smart home services through OMO’s proprietary mobile app.
  • Partner training and onboarding that includes information regarding system installation, monitoring and maintenance.
  • Assistance with the initial installation process
  • Customer support

How does OMO’s partner look like? 

  • You have at least one apartment building where you can set up an OMO network.
  • You have the capability to connect the hub to the internet network in the building.
  • You have a customer support channel for network maintenance, equipment repair etc.

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What services a partner will be able to offer with the OMO system?

Public services for apartment buildings

Smart Key. A modern intercom that provides smart access control.  Access is granted via OMO’s app, face recognition, voice commands or with an NFC reader.  Additional features: remotely open doors from the app and share temporary keys with guests and family via SMS.

CCTV. Protect your property and residents with CCTV capabilities. Surveillance cameras are installed in public access points, stairwells and along the perimeter of the property. Control all cameras from a single app, record and monitor any activity around the property. With OMO you can synchronize cameras with other devices and sensors to set up smart scenarios.

Elevator automation. Control elevator usage, restrict access to a building or certain floors to authorized people, call the elevator from your smartphone.

Individual Services

Security in apartments: protect your home and family with wireless sensors for access control and movement detection. All security features are controlled from the OMO app.

Anti-flood: wireless flood sensors that automatically shut-off water supply in the event of a leak and send alerts to your phone before the issue becomes a serious problem. Set alerts, scenarios and manage the sensors from the OMO app.

Watch a 2-minute video about the OMO Smart Home Ecosystem:

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